About Good ‘ole Me and Why I Do What I Do

My name is Chad Crider and I’m a UNIX System Administrator II at Sallie Mae.   Part of my job there is to own, optimize, etc. all the scripts for the team.  So sufficed to say, I love scripting.

I love to script and program, bending the computer’s will to my own.  I also love contributing to the open source community as a whole because I’ve benefited so much from FOSS myself over the years.

Feedback welcome ENCOURAGED! – tell me what doesn’t work, what doesn’t work the best way, and what the program SHOULD be doing.  I’ve pretty much run out of ideas for features to add, so I need the open source community to chip in with some ideas.  You suggest, we all benefit.

See the README.txt file included with each project for contact information as well as release notes, etc.

I currently own an iPhone 4.  With your donations I can afford to buy more devices to test against (including iPod Touch and iPad) as well as ensuring my programs continue to work with future Apple products and iOS versions.  With your contributions i’ll be able to spend more time coding new programs and improving my programs with new features and bug fixes.  Please use the secure PayPal link below if you’d like to donate.


About goombah88

Scripter trying to make life easier for everyone. "I've got a script for that!"
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