Introducing Bean Backup


One day I was sitting at home backing up my linux laptop and realized I had individual shell scripts to do all my backups for /home, /, and my iPhone and it was kinda messy.  So I decided to bring everything together into one handy program with a GUI to make it quicker and easier to get things done, as well as more user-friendly.

Bean Backup started off as a backup utility using a bash script, zenity frontend, and exclude files to offer a fully customizable method to back up /home,/ (root), and iPhone using rsync and/or tar.

Over time I converted the script into a program written entirely in python using pyGTK for the GUI.  This allowed me to make a much more visually pleasing and functional frontend to my program.  It also allowed me to implement a lot more features than I could with just shell scripts and zenity.

Example exclude files are included.  Modify as needed using the provided interface inside the program (can’t miss the buttons).  Please don’t modify them out side of the program or you risk messing up the picky formatting requirements of tar and rsync.

I Encourage Feedback – tell me what doesn’t work, what doesn’t work the best way, and what the program SHOULD be doing.  I’ve pretty much run out of ideas for features to add, so I need the open source community to chip in with some ideas.  You suggest, we all benefit.

I use all the programs I write so that gives me a chance to iron out bugs and usability tweaks BEFORE going live with a new release.  If I missed something though, don’t hesitate to email me and let me know.

See the README.txt file included with each project for contact information as well as release notes, etc.


About goombah88

Scripter trying to make life easier for everyone. "I've got a script for that!"
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